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PayMaker OS X

PayMaker OS X

Make payments quickly and easily with your Mac

PayMaker OS X

PayMaker OS X works quickly and reliably. If all the payments you want to make are recorded in the Mac, the rest is just as easy: at the press of a button, PayMaker OS X generates the appropriate file (DTA or EZAG) to be transmitted to your financial institution. (For Windows choose PayMaker Home.)

  • Optimised for convenient scanning with our document readers
  • Archive and history of all transactions
  • Easy, intuitive operation


PayMaker OS X – the smart software for convenient payment transactions makes your Mac even more versatile.

  • Your payments: make your payments quickly and easily. The intelligent payment wizard helps you and handles tedious routine tasks for you.
  • Your payees: beneficiaries are saved and do not have to be entered again at a later date; it's enough to just call them up.
  • Your archive: all payments are archived automatically after transfer, so you can find them again whenever you wish.
  • Your user interface: with its clean and tidy style, it's easy to use and intuitive.

 Note: Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer data from PayMaker for Windows.

Technical data

  • full functionality from Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave)
  • lower versions possibly with limited functionality (at least Mac OS 10.12 Sierra is needed)