Smart connector box for Plug & Play operation with VM, RDS, Thin Clients, Zero Clients and Linux
Plug & Play Box

Plug & Play Box

The smart box to connect Swiss QR Code Reader with VM, RDS, Thin Clients or Linux

The Plug & Play Box enables you to use PayEye, QR GiroMat G400 or QR GiroMat G130 with all operating systems (Linux, macOS, Windows), without having to install any special software on the host (Virtual machines, Remote Desktop Systems, thin clients or zero clients).

To the host, the Plug & Play Box appears to be a normal keyboard. The keyboard layout and the data to be transmitted as keystrokes can both be configured to suit ESRs or QR invoices. The configuration itself is carried out using keyboard layout with QR codes, which are scanned in using the PayEye or Giromat

Technical Data

Connection USB 2 Typ A, USB 2 Micro B und Ethernet RJ45
Protocol USB HID Tastatur (Layout konfigurierbar)
Power consumption 120 to 150 mA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 55x52x38 mm 
Weight 50 g

Shipping items

  • Plug & Play Box PPB
  • Connecting cable