QR GiroMat G400

Professional document reader for Swiss QR Codes
  • High-performance scanner for capturing Swiss QR Codes of the QR-bill
  • Ready for all Swiss financial software und e-banking applications
  • Quiet automatic feed for fast capture of up to 15 documents per minute
  • Synchronized power supply with the computer
  • Expert team with professional advice and free support

All inclusive with the purchase of the QR GiroMat

  • More than 400 pre-configured Swiss financial software and e-banking applications
  • Presetting of up to 6 different applications
  • Ongoing and free update of the CLX application for all configurations
  • Individual configuration for Customized Software also included
  • Close cooperation with all relevant Swiss producers of financial software
  • Input tray for convenient document entry
  • Curved output tray (180 degree angle) for space-saving reading of documents
  • Straight output tray for efficient processing of A4 documents (without separation)
  • Cleaning brush for gentle care of the glass cover of the high-quality cameras
  • AC adapter and USB connection cable
  • Operating with Windows 10 onward with CLX application
  • Operating with macOS X 10.14 onward with CLX application
  • Plug & Play with the optional GPP box for Thin Clients, Zero Clients & Linux
  • GPP-Box does not require any additional software installation
  • Configuration control directly via GiroMat using QR codes

QR GiroMat G400

Professional document reader for Swiss QR Codes

Technical data

  • Windows 10 onward
  • macOS X 10.14 onward
  • Linux, Thin Clients & Zero Clients with GPP Plug&Play Box
  • Double-sided-camera with high quality glass cover
  • High-Resolution up to 300 dpi
  • Scan speed 200 to 500 mm/s
  • Automatic feed
  • Input tray
  • Curved output tray (180 degree angle) and linear output tray
  • Linear retraction allows scanning without tearing payment slips
  • Up to 15 documents per minute
  • Scanned documents displayed on the monitor
  • Automatic saving in a predefined directory
  • Required interface 1 free USB port
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 240 x 100 x 175 mm
  • Weight 2.0 kg
  • Colour Grey

The intelligent investment in the future

The GiroMat G400 is a high-performance scanner installed directly at the workstation for the high-speed capture and transfer of Swiss QR codes from the QR invoice into the creditor software or directly into e-banking.

Two high-resolution cameras (300 dpi) scan the entire Swiss QR Code from both sides. The printed side is recognised and optionally briefly displayed on the screen. The payment data is transmitted directly to the parameterised and active application. Approximately 400 Swiss financial software and e-banking applications are preconfigured. You can save 6 of them as favourites and easily change them. If you use customised financial software, we will configure this solution for you free of charge.

The G400 runs on Windows and macOS X. The CLX application is available for download and is easy to install. The power supply of the GiroMat is synchronised with the computer. If the GiroMat is not in use, it remains in standby mode. When the computer is switched off, the GiroMat switches off automatically.


The benefits of the GiroMat

  • Swiss QR Code of the QR-Bill: no additional device needed to capture the new Swiss QR Code
  • Speed: up to 15 documents per minute, individual capture
  • Openness: pre-configured for more than 400 Swiss finance software and bank applications
  • Freedom: runs on Windows, macOS X and with the GPP Plug&Play Box on all other systems
  • Quick start: simple installation with the latest software via download
  • Performance: the scanned document is shown on the monitor or transferred directly to the payment software
  • Endurance: robust design for many years of continuous use

Shipping items

  • Document Reader QR GiroMat G400
  • Input tray
  • Linear output tray
  • Curved output tray (180 degree angle)
  • AC adapter
  • USB connecting cable
  • Cleaning brush for the glass cover of the camera
  • Installation by download CLX.Software at your convenience