NetBanking+ for more convenience and security in online banking


NetBanking+ for more convenience and security in online banking


With NetBanking+, you can make payment transactions on your account quickly, securely and easily from your Windows PC – and all for free.

  • Payment transaction standards (ISO 20022) are updated on an ongoing basis
  • Optimised for convenient scanning with our document readers
  • Salary payments and ESR retrieval included
  • Archive and history of all transactions


  • Your accounts: get an overview of all the accounts held at your bank with current balances and make account transfers quickly and easily.
  • Your payments: make payments quickly and easily in all customary formats. The intelligent payment wizard helps you and handles tedious routine tasks for you.
  • Use a standing order to ensure you never miss payments again.
  • Your payment lists: generate payment lists or arrange your payments in self-defined categories.
  • Your salary payments: a flag can be set for salary payments and payrolls.
  • Your incoming payments: incoming payments to accounts with ESR ID can be retrieved and displayed.
  • Your archive: all payments are archived automatically after transfer, so you can find them again whenever you wish.
  • Your budget: use the integrated finance planning to retain control of your income and outgoings at all times.
  • Your security: the latest technology and regular updates ensure that your data remains protected and your online banking is absolutely secure.
  • Your user interface: with its clean and tidy style modelled on MS Outlook, NetBanking+ is easy to use and intuitive.

Technical data

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • RAM: min. 2 GB
  • Hard disk: min. 500 MB
  • Internet

Release Note

Current Version: (News (09.06.2020))


  •  Preparation for the upcoming update to NetBanking+ Version 5 (QR-ready)

Mor info about QR-readiness:

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