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PayMaker 5.1 Office 3PC

PayMaker 5.1 Office 3PC

PayMaker Office 3PC – the multi-user solution for your payment transactions

PayMaker 5.1 Office 3PC

The multi-banking software PayMaker Office 3PC offers you comprehensive features for your payment transactions with an overview and transparency at all times and across different banks. You can make payments of all types and in a wide variety of formats quickly and reliably.

All information about the QR-readiness of our products can be found here.


  • Your banks: the payment standard (ISO 20022) is integrated into your software and updated on an ongoing basis, just like the online banking interfaces to virtually every Swiss financial institution.
  • Your employees: the multi-user Office version allows up to three authorised users to access the centrally managed data
  • Your accounts: get an overview of all your accounts with current balances and make account transfers quickly and easily.
  • Your payments: make payments quickly and easily in all customary formats. The intelligent payment wizard helps you and handles tedious routine tasks for you.
  • Your standing order: Use a standing order to ensure you never miss payments again.
  • Your payment lists: generate payment lists or arrange your payments in self-defined categories.
  • Your salary payments: a flag can be set for salary payments and payrolls.
  • Your incoming payments: incoming payments to accounts with ESR ID can be retrieved and displayed.
  • Your archive: all payments are archived automatically after transfer, so you can find them again whenever you wish.
  • Your budget: use the integrated finance planning to retain control of your income and outgoings at all times.
  • Your security: the latest technology and regular updates ensure that your data remains protected and your online banking is absolutely secure.
  • Your user interface: with its clean and tidy style modelled on MS Outlook, your software is easy to use and intuitive.

New in version 5.1

Swiss QR Code ready

  • You are all set for the new QR invoice with payment part
  • Scan QR and ISR invoices using the same method
Security login via 2-factor authentication (optional)
  • Increased security and protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Enhanced coverage of bank communication

Full-text search for payments and accounts

  • How much did we pay for the new meeting table two years ago?
  • Has Peter Muster payed in the meantime?


  • Save the most frequently used functions as bookmarks for faster access

Colour scheme

  • Choose the colour scheme of your user interface individually

Structured addresses
  • Wizard for automatic pre-structuring of your existing address data
  • Easy review and correction of your data in structured format

You can find more information, instructions and a preview here.

Technical data

  • Operating system: Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • RAM: min. 2 GB
  • Hard disk: min. 500 MB
  • Internet

Release Note

Current Version: (News & Corrections (20.01.2022))


  • New IBAN-Tool (from SIX)
  • Camt.053 and Camt.054 files can be downloaded automatically for the following banks:
            - Basel Cantonal Bank (BKB)
            - Bank Cler
            - Baloise Bank SoBa
            - Cantonal Bank of Saint Gall (SGKB) 


  • QR standing order: information can be processed and saved
  • Various adaptations

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