PayMaker PRO X-Upgrade

A small step from SIX to PRO - but a big step in the scope of functions with the new QR invoicing
PayMaker PRO X-Upgrade

Creating invoices with Swiss QR Code

QR payment part with option of:

      • QR-IBAN and QR reference
      • IBAN and creditor reference
      • IBAN without reference
      • Language options: English, German, French, Italian

Create series of invoices with the option to:

      • assign consecutive reference numbers
      • assign consecutive supplementary information

Enter and save templates for the QR payment part in PayMaker PRO

Secure and convenient payment processing

The ISO 20022 payment transaction standard is integrated into your software and, like the e-banking interfaces, is continuously synched with almost all Swiss financial institutions.

High security standards

    • Connection to E-banking only when necessary
    • Work offline and transfer your payments with one click
    • Regular updates to protect your data and back up your e-banking
    • Password protected software
    • Secure login using 2-factor authentication

Simple, secure user management

    • You can create users and grant or restrict access quickly and easily


  • You decide where your data is stored

Easy payment management and transparent budget planning

All accounts at a glance

  • You can keep track of all your accounts and their current balance

Make payments quickly and easily

    • All types of payments can be implemented
    • Invoices can be easily captured manually or with a document reader
    • QR bills (format: pdf, png, jpeg, etc.) are quickly and easily imported using drag & drop
    • Payments can be transferred automatically or manually

View incoming payments immediately

    • For accounts with an ESR ID and/or QR-IBAN, incoming payments can be retrieved and displayed directly

Create standing orders

    • Use the standing orders function to make sure you don't miss any payments

Transparent budget planning

  • Integrated, redesigned budget planning function for permanent control over your income and expenses

User-friendly operation

Intuitive user interface

  • Clearly arranged in the style of MS Outlook, PayMaker PRO is easy and intuitive to use

Automatic archiving

    • All executed payments are automatically archived after being transferred so that you can find them again at any time.

Payment structuring

  • Generate payment lists or arrange your payments into categories that you define yourself

Automatic registration of beneficiaries

    • When entering a new invoice, the beneficiary is automatically saved to the beneficiary list

Automatic backups

  • There is an option to set up automatic backups

Technical data

  • Operating system: Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • RAM: at least 2 GB
  • Hard disk: at least 500 MB
  • Multi-user capability